Top Places to Stay in Kenya

Because Kenya is undergoing a revival, we felt it would be fair to write about the fantastic new hotels that are debuting in Nairobi. These hotels are absolutely outstanding, and instead of forcing you to remain in an airport hotel, they allow you to spend a comfortable stay in Nairobi before departing on your luxury safari in Kenya. We talk about some tried-and-true classics as well as other current releases that need your attention. The fact that the luxury safari sector is investing in Nairobi and Kenya again is such a good thing because safaris in Kenya are simply the greatest – there is so much diversity, and the charm and friendliness of the camps is unequaled anywhere else in Africa. The following are some of our favorite places to start or finish any luxury safari in Kenya:

The Waine Family Residence
You definitely got your money’s worth here since the rooms are spacious and the staff is incredibly kind and pleasant. House of Waine is a modest boutique hotel owned and maintained by a family that is excellent for individuals seeking comfort and elegance without paying extravagant prices.

The Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is a must-see site in Nairobi, and the Emakoko Hotel, the city’s newest hotel to build a name for itself, is situated inside the park that bears its name, Nairobi National Park. The lodge is rather sumptuous and offers excellent game viewing from the moment you arrive, including sightings of the highly rare black rhino. Because of its position, you will also escape most of Nairobi’s traffic, whether you are heading to or from the international or local airports. Those planning an ultra-stylish luxury safari will find this a fantastic starting point.

Giraffe Estate
It is without a doubt the only spot in the world where you may wake up with a giraffe in your face – indeed, the endangered Rotschild giraffes who reside on site put their heads through the windows in the hope of a handful of nuts. Giraffe Manor is world renowned, and it is without a doubt the only spot on the planet where you may wake up with a giraffe in your face. The house itself is steeped in Kenyan history and offers stunning views of the world-famous Out of Africa Ngong Hills. Out of Africa, a film, featured the house. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and there is a distinct sensation that one has been welcomed into a little piece of Kenyan history.

Ngong Residence
The main lodge has attractive, snug rooms as well as the famed treehouses, which sit out in the jungle and are both unique and fascinating. Ngong House is renowned for its eccentricities, but it also has a kind heart, making it an ideal site to start your luxury safari. One of them even has a bathtub made from a historic traditional boat, and the verandahs that front the Ngong Hills are the perfect place to rest and unwind before your next safari. There’s no need to spend time with airport hotels or large, unappealing resorts since you’ll instantly feel like you’re in Africa. This is quite important.

Nairobi’s Tented Camp
When you stay here, your luxury Kenya safari starts the minute you arrive, and you will be plunged right into it by beginning in a very comfortable and welcoming camp that seems wild and secluded despite its fantastic position near the airports. This luxurious tented camp is situated inside the Nairobi National Park, and it is also a perfect spot to start if you want to hit the ground running and explore the bush from beginning to finish.

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